About Us

About Us

We want to welcome you again to our church and to the journey of faith together we are all on.  You might be asking yourself what is this church all about?  What is the passion of Living Hope Community Church? Why do they do what they do? We hope we can answer some of those basic questions by sharing our Mission, Vision and the Principle Assumptions we use in defining who and what we are.  Enjoy what is below and please let us know how we can help you in this journey of life.

Love God & Love Others to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

A Loving Family

Committed to the Word

Dependent on the Holy Spirit

Growing in Grace

Reaching out in mercy
1.  Vision is where we want to be, and what we are becoming, not what we are right now.
2.  This vision will never be fully realized.  But we want to say, “We aren’t yet what we hope to be, but we’re more than we used to be.”
3.  The vision defines the Church in Acts 2-7. 
4.  The main predicate is “A loving family…”  This defines what we want to be.  The next three phrases describe how this is accomplished.  The fifth and final phrase describes where it will take us.
5.  The five phrases of the vision statement also define the objectives of Living Hope Community Church in every area and ministry.  It should also define the passion and lifestyle of everyone we put into leadership position.
6.  Mission defines how we will accomplish the vision.  Unless we are “fully devoted followers of Christ” our vision is doomed to mediocrity at best and failure at worst.